Jesse J. Jones | Artist, Animator, Speaker
Hi, my name is Jesse J. Jones, and I create cute, unique, funny cartoons to help promote your business, explain ideas, and tell stories!


I also teach animation and encourage it as a career!  Contact me here!

Demo Reel:

Jesse J. Jones – Animation Reel

I work full-time as a freelance 2D & 3D animator. I have been working for professionally as a Portland Animator for over 8 years.


Some of my work includes:

  • 2D Animated End Credits for LAIKA’s “Kubo and the Two Strings.”
  • Animated TV Commercial for Cartoon Network’s “We Bare Bears.”
  • 3D Animator for 6 Seasons of NBC’s “Grimm” Series.
  • 2D Flash Animator for Google’s G-Chat Stickers.

Cool companies I’ve worked with:

Laika Cartoon Network Microsoft Google

I <3 Cats!

My Social Media:

I LOVE To Teach Animation!

Check Out My YouTube Tutorials!

I created a YouTube channel, where I share all my knowledge about animation software and techniques that I have learned over the years. I created thes because I LOVE ANIMATION and it has brought a lot of joy in my life, I hope it can do the same for you! :)

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If You Would Like To Download Source Animation Files:

Check Out My Gumroad Store!

I offer all of my tutorial source animation files completely for FREE so you can reverse engineer them and figure out how they work!

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Want to learn more?

Check out my blog for tips, tricks, and tools!

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Wanna Chat?

E-Mail: jessejayjones@gmail.com