Jesse J. Jones | Artist, Animator, Speaker
Hi, my name is Jesse J. Jones, and I create cute, unique, funny cartoons to help promote your business, explain ideas, and tell stories!

I currently live in Portland, OR and work full-time as a professional animator!

I love teaching people how to animate and draw, and at the same time, encouraging it as a career!

[My Resume]

Demo Reel:

Video Thumbnail
Jesse J. Jones – Animation Reel 2017

Cool companies I’ve worked with:

Laika Cartoon Network Microsoft Google

“Jesse is a delight to work with. He is friendly and easy to get along with. He is also very open to critique, feedback, and advice. Jesse is your go to guy if you are looking for a smiling face on a diligent animator.”

Neisje Morrell Lead 2D Animator at Bent Image Lab

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I Might Be Streaming Right NOW!

Come chat with me live on stream! —JesseJayJones on www.twitch.tv

Wanna Chat?

E-Mail: jessejayjones@gmail.com